Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dressing Up for Family Fun~

Halloween evening has always been a family fun time for our family and this year again enjoyed watching our children dress up in costume and head out to "Trick or Treat". Our oldest is 18 now, so he is the bodyguard for his younger sisters, who look in this picture like they don't need much help in the protection department.
Middle daughter wanted to be a "prisoner", we kept calling her the "Jail Bird" and she got lots of attention and photos taken of her cute outfit. My diva decided to be a ninja this year, "The Red Ninja", but of course this ninja wore makeup and hair glitter! We hit the nearby church "trunk or treats" and loaded up then headed to our local park where another church was having a fall festival event. They played a few games, we  all had hot dogs, chips, cookies and drinks , then headed back home to check the "loot". They had 2 bags full of candy, enough for all, even mommy and daddy......lol

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