Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gee Thanks Miley, Another Disappointed Mom Here! #mileycyrus #rolemodels

"Message to the negative Miley"

My daughters have loved "Hannah Montana" or "Miley Cyrus" since she was very young, they would watch every single episode of her shows, watch all her movies, listen to all of her music until they heard how she was caught driving without a seatbelt as a teen and just laughed about it. As Miley got older we followed her on entertainment news shows and both daughters were appalled by her looks, her clothing and her "newer music". The cute little "Hannah" was gone and had been replace by this monster-like girl one of them said. Now they hate her music and videos. 

The latest escapades on the VMA awards was it for all of us, so disappointed in such a beautiful young woman. Why does she think that prancing around in her underwear "twerking" with teddy bears is anything but disgusting and not entertaining. I don't think I can look at a teddy bear again after that insane performance. 

The disappointment in my youngest daughters eyes who once idolized "Hannah Montana" was heartbreaking. 
What on earth is wrong with you Miley, how many other young girls out there are you going disappoint. How about setting a positive role modeling example for young girls. You have lost our support and money. 

Bring back the old Miley~~ the good girl

My youngest daughter's birthday party and her beloved Hannah Montana cake!
She was so excited when a friend made this cake for her.

Please lets find some positive role models for my young girls, are there any out there?

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