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Learning At Home With LEGOS Series: day 2 LEGO's in a mixture of subjects #homeschool

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As I promised we are back to talk about using LEGOs in your home learning. Boy did I find a jackpot this week. While adding more LEGO pins to my Pinterest board (homeschooling with LEGO resources) I came across one of my favorite sites. I just had to save this list!
My awesome friend Deb Chitwood has composed this fabulous list of links to all sorts of LEGO Learning Activities. You can visit her blog Living Montessori Now for more great homeschool, Montessori and learning information.

LEGOS are not only fun, but as you can see, there is a vast field of online ideas on how to teach your kids using them.

LEGO Posts with a Mixture of Subjects

Credit post HERE  with much more to share

LEGO Education (click on the grade level and then on activities)
Learning Months of the Year with LEGOS (Photo from 1+1+1=1)
Learn It with LEGOS (Includes Link to Free Printable LEGO Kindergarten Pack) from 1+1+1=1
LEGO Learning (with Free Printables) from Walking by the Way
Teach a LEGO Class (with Free Printable) from Homegrown Learners
Sharing Ideas with LEGO Learning from Homegrown Learners
LEGO Posts from Milk and Cookies
LEGO Posts from A Mom with a Lesson Plan
LEGO Posts from The Tutor House
{Do It Yourself} LEGO Instruction Book by Kristina at Kids Activities Blog
LEGO and Education: Make a Lapbook by Heather at Kids Activities Blog
20+ Activities to Build LEGOS by Rachel at Kids Activities Blog

LEGO Sensorial Activities

LEGO Sensory Play in the Sink from Creative with Kids
Tips for Starting LEGO Kits with Preschoolers from In Lieu of Preschool
Animal Mix Up LEGOS from I Can Teach My Child
LEGO Water Color Sorting from Play Learn Love
LEGO Activity for Tots from Laughing Kids Learn
Fun with LEGOS: Create a Rainbow by Kristina at Kids Activities Blog
LEGO Maze by Trisha at Kids Activities Blog

LEGO Math Activities

LEGO Posts from The Pleasantest Thing
Duplo Number Rods by Julie from The Adventures of Bear at Totally Tots
Montessori Activity – Teaching Addition with Lego Brick Number Rods from Elaine Ng Friis
LEGO Posts (LOTS of posts in different subjects) from Elaine Ng Friis (photo: Montessori Activity: Teaching Addition with Lego Brick Number Rods)
LEGO Math Activities by Rachel at Kids Activities Blog
Counting and Measuring with LEGOS (Photo from The Imagination Tree)
LEGO Posts from The Imagination Tree (Photo: Counting and Measuring with LEGO)
Using LEGO to Build Math Concepts from Scholastic
LEGO Math from Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns
LEGO Math Worksheets (Free Printables) from The Kent Chronicles
Homemade LEGO Math Game from Fun Frugal Mommy
LEGO Counting (Photo from Counting Coconuts)
LEGO Counting (with Free Printable) from Counting Coconuts
Back to Basic-Counting from Early Learning with Marta and Eaton
Learning with LEGO by Allison at Family Education
Building Patterns with LEGOS (Photo from The Work Plan)
Building a Pattern with LEGOS from The Work Plan
Creating Patterns with LEGOS from Hands On : As We Grow
Measuring with LEGOS (Photo from Nurture Store)
LEGO Math Games from Nurture Store
Activity Guide for LEGO Math (Free Printable) from Little Brick Schoolhouse
LEGO Tower Math Game (includes Free Printables) from Swamp Frog First Graders
LEGO Math and Other Activitiesfrom Counting Coconuts
Count and Stamp with LEGOS(includes Free Printable) from Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational
Under Construction (A Greater Than Less Than Game – includes Free Printable) from Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational
Preschool Math Activity: LEGO Measurement from No Time for Flash Cards
LEGO Patterns, LEGO Counting Mats 1, LEGO Counting Mats 2, Spin and Graph, and LEGO Math Mat (Free Printables) at Math Centers
LEGO Posts from Boy Mama Teacher Mama
LEGO Math Game – Greater Than or Less Than (Photo from One Perfect Day)
LEGO Posts from One Perfect Day (Photo: Lego Math Game {Greater Than or Less Than})
LEGO Math: Skip Counting by Deirdre at Kids Activities Blog
LEGO Fractions (Photo from E is for Explore)
LEGO Math: Symmetry from Love2Learn2Day
LEGO Fractions and LEGO Geometry (Free Printable) from E is for Explore
LEGO Math Fractions from Educating Laytons
LEGO Golden Beads Alternative from The Learning Ark
Pythagorean Theorem with Legos(Free Printable) from Manualidades Educativas

LEGO Language Activities

Constructing Letters with LEGOS at Type Goodness
LEGO Letters by Steve Barnett at Behance
LEGO Animal Alphabet (with Free Printable) from Play Learn Love
LEGO Journals or Books from The Educators’ Spin On It
Spelling with LEGO Letters from This Reading Mama
Learn to Spell with LEGOS by Rachel at Kids Activities Blog
Spelling with LEGO from Handmade Beginnings
DIY Spinny Spellers and Repurposing Duplo Bricks from Filth Wizardry
Learning to Read with LEGO Duplo (Photo from The Educators’ Spin On It)
Learning to Read with LEGO Duplo (with Free Printables) from The Educators’ Spin On It
LEGOS Make Poetry Fun (Photo from Small Types)
LEGOS Make Poetry Fun from Small Types
Montessori Grammar Farm with LEGOS from Enchanted Schoolroom

 Check out even more Lego Activities HERE on Living Montessori Now's Free LEGO Printables and 70+ LEGO Learning Activities

Kids’ LEGO Learning Activities Pinterest Board

Deb has a Kids’ LEGO Learning Activities Pinterest Board that She pins to regularly. Great stuff there.
What is your child’s favorite LEGO learning activity? What have you used LEGOS for in your homeschool learning? Tell me in the comments.

Here is my Pinterest board of home learning with LEGOS, I have been adding to it daily since I have discovered so many ways to teach with LEGO's! 


  1. How awesome! I've never heard about learning with legos. Thank you for that material. I currently have an autistic 8yr old and I know he would enjoy this. Thanks again.

    1. Oh I bet he would do great with legos! thank you for your comment

  2. We're looking to homeschool our kids and this will be a great resource. With Lego involved, I can see my husband getting much more involved ;) I have bookmarked this post, thanks!

    I am a follower of yours via BlogLovin and would love it if you linked up to my weekly BlogLovin Hop (http://www.journeysofthezoo.com/search/label/BlogLovin%20Hop).

    Hope you find lots of new friends and stop by every Thursday.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
    BlogLovin: http://www.bloglovin.com/journeysofthezoo

    1. Thank you Sarah, I found you on Bloglovin! I will try to remember to stop by each time and link up, love your Zoo!


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