Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Night To Remember.....BOO!!

How was your Halloween? spooktacular? Ours was full of mischief with vampires, ninja warriors and teenagers! What more could a momma ask for? Her youngest daughter transforms into a Vampiress( she called it a "Monster High" girl) that is out to eat all the
candy in the land of BOO!! (or trunk /treat and the mall). My middle daughter steps out to save the night as the "Blue Ninja Warrior", the Zombie daddy walks the mall in a really wonderful mood, an escort for the Vampiress of the night. And the teenager is a typical teenager with his ipod blasting rock music, texting and chatting away via the wonderful cell phone.....
At least the night ended on a good note with a trip to eat (not zombies) at Chili's, where we had lots of family giggles about our night on the town....I do cherish making memories that will last a lifetime.....even with the vampires, ninja's and grouchy zombie daddy's.
Enjoy our pictures via my "Storie" app, click to see each slide..

Leslie~~ aka Vampiress Mommy


  1. They look so cute! That teenager costume was the scariest one of all!! lol


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