Thursday, November 17, 2011

Six Points of Light for Healing Hearts

 My wonderful friend Carrie Draher, whom I work with and share the same passion for saving kids from the risks of youth behaviors, sent this to me in an email today and I had to share with others. The Six Points of Light for Healing Hearts applies to anybody that has lost a loved one or those that live on and share the gifts of love with others.
It takes a special heart to think about others so much, to share hope and send it out into the world, not expecting anything in return.
Thank you Lord for the chance happening that brought me together with the team that is Ed4Ed4all, Carrie, Lyndi and Ken inspire me daily and make me proud to be a part of something so important. Education about youth risk behaviors is something we all need to be doing at home with our children, they are never to young to learn how to be safe, thus staying alive so you can hug them every night. 
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