Friday, July 13, 2012

The Krispy Kreme Panini

Bacon Krispy Kreme Panini, anyone? Today’s the 75th birthday of the South's favorite doughnut, and we came up with lots of fun ways to serve it.  shared from my favorite magazine Southern Living
This article is via the website here by Donna Florio of Southern Living 

What’s, sweet, pillow-y, vanilla-scented, and nearly impossible to resist? (Hint: It’s not a hug from your Grandma.) It’s Winston-Salem’s most renowned confection, the Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut, which turns 75 today. It may well be the South’s hottest 75-year old, and is not afraid to proclaim it on neon signs.
Nestled shoulder-to-shoulder in the distinctive green and white box, glaze so smooth you can almost see yourself in it, Krispy Kreme glazed rounds are the pinnacle of doughnut perfection. The aroma is so seductive that one whiff, and you'll likely be a goner. No wonder Roy Blount, Jr. wrote, “When Krispy Kremes are hot, they are to other doughnuts what angels are to people." 
The thought of doing anything to mar that perfection may seem like sacrilege, but in honor of the big occasion, we felt obliged to put our spin on the classic. Once you taste a Krispy Kreme flattened on a panini press, the sugar glaze all bubbly and caramelized, you may agree that more can indeed be better. 
Watch the Video here , you can almost smell it thru your screen.......ahhhhhh!!!
Our test kitchen started with just a single plain doughnut on the press, cooking it for about 30 seconds. (see the video for a how-to.) It looked like a manhole cover, tasted like heaven. Then we upped the ante to sandwiches of 2 doughnuts with a filling in the middle.
Consider the sky the limit when creating your own. After all, hamburgers with bacon served on Krispy Kreme “buns” are all the rage at football stadiums and state fairs, so who knows what amazing creation you might dream up?
What would you like to see on a Krispy Kreme Panini?

Video and Photos: Gary Clark and Ralph Anderson

Even though my husband love his Dunkin Doughnuts, I am still a Krispy Creme girl and will always be! Thank you Southern Living for a great idea! Going to buy a press now and a box of wonderfulness!

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