Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Prayers for My Mom today

Praying today for my mom who has landed herself back in the hospital due to a nasty infection that has been plaguing her for a while now. She has had this open abscess'd area on her abdomen that was the result of an internal abscess from a diverticulitis flare up. She had a drain for weeks, they took out the drain and since then she has still had this area that will not heal. Many doses of antibiotics and home health visits later, months now, they have finally decided today to surgically go in and fix this mess. Today she went to the doctors office and they told her to go to the hospital for admission, of course she was fussing that she had to much to do, lunches with friends,her work at the local humane society, her animals at home to feed etc. So funny the life of a widow grandmother living in the South. One day that will be me.....lol.
Please help me keep her in your prayers today and this week, she is my only mother of course and I am stuck here at home right now because I have to work this week and have had the shingles of all blasted things to get (caused by stress my doctor says, imagine that). We will keep in touch by phone, but at least I am half way to her when I am at work. She is not worried and we will trust God to get her through this as he is always Good.


  1. Sorry to hear about your mom Leslie. I will be praying for her and I hope she gets well soon .

  2. Thank you so much Sarah, prayers work!


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