Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What a week, trials and tribulation ..

This week has to be better...

Gaining Strength in trials and tribulations and this week has been such a week here.

I have had the lovely shingles for a week,itching,burning,rash that hurts like the devil on crack.

My hubby has been sick ( driving me nuts) -- he is better now after a trip to the doctor and some wonderful "Phenergan"

My cable and Internet have been off ~~ we are poor this month.

My kids are so spoiled, that not having cable tv or Internet has been a major stressor to them,at least the younger two. I have heard and been texted the words "I'm bored"

It has rained every day almost daily... Ughh.

Count all this little hurdles in the road as joy and keep moving on.....


Thanks Eleanor for the positive thought there :)

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