Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just Because~~

I saw this little image on Facebook today and it to me says it all, just how I feel most days, or how people seem to treat me. I am a real person, I do have feelings, deep ones that are hurt very easily. I have faced some very large monsters in my 47 years here on earth and slain some nasty dragons literally speaking, so I have a bit of knowledge under my belt. I am not like you and never will be, don't try to change me. My family is happy, we live life a bit different somedays than others, but if we are all happy what does that matter to you, its really none of your business. I don't care how you live your life, if I ask somebody about you, it is only out of shear concern, not nosiness, that is not my style. 
I enjoy helping others, I would not have been a nurse for 25+ years if I did not, so I enjoy making others feel special, needed, loved and appreciated. I just sometimes wish that others thought the same way I did....
Just because....................

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