Monday, September 3, 2012

Meow Monday with Lucy & Smokey

This weeks cute photo of us, we are so cute! Pin us!

Our Mommy let us use the computer thing each Monday now to do a series called "Meow Monday with Lucy and Smokey" we want to tell other kitties out there all about our life in this crazy house with these crazy people who carry us around all the time and talk to us like we are babies. They even dress Lucy up sometimes and that little one tries to put makeup on her.
Our brother kitty Catboy (real name Tom, they called him Fat-boy and then Catboy stuck) has finally gone to the great kitty cat heaven in the sky :( so we are sad today, but then again happy that he is in kitty heaven with grandpa and others that have gone on before us. 

He was about 12-13 yrs old,with Feline FIV (like HIV)in humans , diabetes and arthritis (we have tested negative for that bad stuff so far and had our shots, ekk) . Our Mommy has been running a kitty cat hospice here for about 6 months now. He has been declining fast, loosing weight and looking ruff for a while now. Mommy has been medicating him for comfort and letting him have his favorite canned kitty food every day. She even let him pee in the floor (well on the pee pee pads), we don't even get to do that, we have to go potty in that box thing.

Catboy died happy, but outside , my human brother Kris found him Sunday near his favorite sleeping spot outdoors and he was gone. They buried him in our yard so the girls can make him a proper tombstone, as they want to. We don't get to go outside, we just get to watch from the window. Mommy does not allow us to go outdoors, she says that Lucy can't behave herself outside so we have to stay in.
Here are some pictures of Catboy we found on this computer thing, and Mommy said we could share them.

We just showed some of the happy pictures, he was so funny and fat, until he started getting sicker, he lived for a long long time with our family, many great memories of our brother Catboy!
Rest In Peace dear brother!

Love your kitty sisters Lucy and Smokey! 

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  1. Wow, he was a big ole kitty. Just stopping by to vote! Have a great day!


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