Friday, September 7, 2012

Recycle and Recraft our world, teach our kids now!

                                                     Source: shabbychicinspired.blogspot.com via Leslie on Pinterest

What a better thing to teach your children than to recycle and reuse the common things that we might have just thrown away in the trashcan and that might have just ended up in a landfill somewhere or outside rusting away breeding mosquitoes. Coffee cans or old metal cans are a perfect example of refuse that just gets tossed and ends up just anywhere on our Earth. 
So this week we have talked at home about what kind of things we can do to recraft, recycle and reuse those common cans. This office/craft organizer is so shabby chic and pretty that we are going to make another just like it to hold makeup and brushes. The neutral colors, the lace and the embellishments are just perfect. I found this one on Pinterest of course as Sarah and I were searching for recycled and recrafted items to pin to our board all about recycling. 
It is from this cool website Shabby Chic Inspired (love love the vintage looks here)

Off now to save and clean up our cans, we have a few left overs from dinner last night and some extras in the recycle bin now......oh boy!!

Another idea!! how many kitchen utensils do we all have anyhow? I have a gazillion!

                                                   Source: br.mulher.yahoo.com via Leslie on Pinterest

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