Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Meow Monday (on Tuesday) with Smokey & Lucy!

This week has been so long, and lazy and long......at least for us girls. It is so hart to be a Diva Kitty and sleep all day, eat fancy can food, all natural dry food from the posh pet store and get carried around by our people.

Our Top Ten Tuesday List~
We decided to make a list this week: 10 reasons why we like homeschooling!

1. Our people are home all day and all night just about everyday!
2. Our mommy is happy all the time
3. We like unit studies about cats
4. We get fed more
5. Our litter boxes get cleaned more often
6. Those girl people will do anything to avoid schoolwork and play with us more instead...lol
7. We get fed more
8. We sleep more (we don't go to school really)
9. They cook more at home and then drop food on the floor....heheheh
10. Homeschool is cool (shop or home ec class- they make cat toys and houses---he he)

Until next week, Meow!!

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

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  1. Sounds like Smokey and Lucy are living the good life!


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