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Reflecting on a mission, one I feel called to...

What kind of mom's group can last for 10 years and still keep growing? The Mommies Network, that's who! I feel like its my mission field some days.

It began with just 2 mom's getting together talking, supporting each other, helping each other and grew from there, and grew and grew. Our local chapter here in the foothills of North Carolina is just a small piece of the "mommy puzzle" CentralfoothillsMommies was founded March 26th 2006 by Erin Moore, now lead by Chapter Manager Leslie Block (that's me).

CentralFoothillsMommies.com was born when two existing sites, HickoryMommies.com and StatesvilleMommies.com decided to join forces to better support the moms in their combined local area. Feeling that each site had a unique identity and wanting to bring both communities together, the management decided upon a new name to better describe their new, combined community. Thus, CentralFoothillsMommies was born!

We chat online in a private forum - discussing everything from the best photographers to the worst temper tantrums and all that lies between - and meet-up regularly at member-driven events around town. Whether it's a late night commiseration on a crying baby (there are 4 am posts to prove it) or a Mom's Night Out, CentralFoothillsMommies provides what our members need, when and how they need it.

But CentralFoothillsMommies is more than just a community of moms. It's moms in and for the community. Our members work full time, stay home full time, work part time, represent many races, are pregnant for the first time, are adoptive moms, were adopted themselves, recently moved to the area, have lived here all our lives, have twins, are happy with one, are single moms, are searching out schools and have watched their kids graduate. In other words, we are a reflection of mothers in the real world. And we help out our neighbors as much as ourselves through organized fundraisers and other charity events - specifically those focused on providing for mothers and their children.

We serve over 30,000 women in our mission to provide a safe and FREE place to find support and encouragement, advice and friendship.

Each dollar you donate allows our network to run for about 8 minutes. Your donation assists us in maintaining our chapters, expanding our network, upgrading critical technologies, and providing the very best place for moms to find what they are missing, online and in real life.

We’d love to tell you how great The Mommies Network is, but why not let our members tell you for us?

That is why as the Chapter Manager I wanted to reflect and reveal why I love TMN so much myself. Below is a great video from Charlottemommies that I love, then below that my reflections on being a member and mom within the network of TMN. A mission that I feel lead to continue for at least another 10 years I hope and pray.


My reflections as a Chapter Manager,TMN Advisor and member.

As the Chapter Manager and a member myself I can totally attest to the overwhelming support I have received from the awesome friends and sisters that I have found with my CFM mommies! They are my world, I am excited to share my life with them, little things that my family experiences I can't wait to get home and get online to tell my "mommy friends" , A new recipe I have tried, I love to share, A stupid moment with my husband, I have an outlet to ventilate or bounce ideas off a sister before I say something totally crazy and hurt his feelings.

I have experienced depression and PPD for many years and found others who have the same problems as I do, we have so much in common and it lets me feel like I am not alone crying at 3am, I have the support of my network right behind me.

When my father passed away from liver cancer and I had to go out of town, one of my best mommy friends came to my house to care for my pets, even washed windows for me. Again when my husbands father passed away I had support once again .

I recall a day my husband had to have back surgery and I was all alone in the waiting room of a local hospital, I was online on CFM to keep myself busy and from worrying. I got a phone call from one of our members who asked what my favorite flavor of "Starbucks coffee" was, before I knew it she was pulling up threw the breezeway of the surgical suite area, calling me to come out the door and get my "mommy coffee". She was on her way home from work and had a few minutes to spare, thought of a fellow mom in need and knew that a cup of "Starbucks white chocolate mocha" would absolutely make my day! And it did!

Another mom offered to drive 3 hours and pick up my kids when my husband was very ill and had to spend a few unexpected days in an out of town medical center. These amazing women are in every chapter of our network, even in the leadership of TMN. I think of many more instances just like these since 2007 when I joined The Mommies Network that another mom has been there and done something incredibly selfless just for me.
The founder and president of The Mommies Network "Heather Fortune" has become a wonderful friend herself to me, a shoulder to lean on, an outstanding example of servant leadership that will get right in the trenches and dig in to work with her team. I am also very proud to be a part of the Senior Advisor team of TMN, all volunteers that spend countless hours, up late hours all night sometimes just to make TMN the best place for all moms we can. I plan to spend another 10 + years helping to make TMN grow and serve our communities all across the US. into the vision that Heather has for TMN.
We need your help to continue our mission, please consider visiting the link HERE and donating even a small amount to help, it will be used to help women just like the women who help me.

Thank you so much for your time
Chapter Manager CentralfoothillsMommies.com
National Sr Advisor of Social Medial for The Mommies Network

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