Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thinking About Homeschooling This Year? Stop And Listen To That Small Voice....

Advice is very easy to give out, seems like everybody has an answer for your journey in life. What does your heart tell you? That nagging, tugging feeling in your gut comes from.......God, and you know it. Listen to that still small voice, he is talking to you. The answer might not be what you want to hear. But it is the right answer, He will lead your way, guide you and give you strength.

For several years when my kids were young I fought God's call to homeschool. I kept telling myself and Him.....nah, I can't homeschool, are you crazy??  I found our family in a situation that financially required us to make some hard choices, one of those choices was yes.......to homeschool. Yes in the end God's never ending call won. We have homeschooled ever since, for nearly 8 or 9 years now. I have no regrets for that single step we made, it was the best step for our family.

Are you having a tough time making that decision? feel free to leave a comment or email me. Are you a homeschool mom like myself that took a leap of faith also, help me encourage other moms by leaving a comment about your journey.

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