Wednesday, August 8, 2012

TapToTalk :Socially acceptable communication app

It just amazes me how far we have come with technology and the numerous applications that surface daily for people of all levels of knowledge. This technological innovation is also affordable to anyone. As a wife to a husband with disabilities and a nurse that works with all types of patients in the ED, I was amazed by the application "Tap to Talk". A simple application that works on all kinds of devices. It was very easy to install, I put the free version on my iPad and my iPhone. 
The freedom this app now gives a person with a disabled child or spouse is wonderful!
I also asked one of my nonverbal patient's (via pen and paper) at work on day if she would mind looking at the app via my iPhone and telling me her honest opinion of it. Before I knew it she was smiling and laughing with her daughter and they were discussing buying an iPad to add the app. Due to a stroke she had been left without the ability to speak clearly anymore and her family was having a hard time some days understanding her needs. Using the "Tap to Talk" app she was able to tell me, her nurse, that she was thirsty and that she needed to go to the bathroom and I understood her easily. Score one for the team!

TapToTalk Designer enables a user to customize the application to a more personable style and also adds a library of over 2600 photos, ability to add a recognizable voice, upload your own photos, choose the language and so much more. 
The cost is so worth the smile of the person you are helping to be verbal, sometimes for the first time ever. Brochure here 

Give your non-verbal child the portable, customizable, socially acceptable communication app.

Play your albums with any or all of these free TapToTalk apps
iPhone/iPad/iPod, Kindle Fire, Nook Color/Tablet, Nabi, Android, PlayBook
and Web Apps are available free with sample albums

As a blogger, I have been given the opportunity to advertise this material and I am being compensated for my review. Credit to TapToTalk for images and links. Be sure to follow them on Pinterest and other social media sites. 

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