Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The First thing you should learn with your homeschoolers

Learning your children and their style of learning should be one of the first things you learn before you start homeschooling. Our very first year of homeschooling I found this out the hard way, it took me all year long and part of the next year to learn that all 3 of my children learned Totally different! Even if you are a parent of a child in a traditional school , you will find that homework and completing classroom assignments will be much easier if you know that your son or daughter learns by "hands on" and not visually, or that they learn better when running around in circles and not sitting very still in a seat. Imagine if you could tell a classroom teacher at the start of the school year what kind of learner you have, so she/he can tailor some of the lesson plans around their needs maybe (if they are actually willing)
As a homeschooling parent of course we are blessed to teach our kiddos at home. We can set up a classroom like a traditional school if that is how your child will learn better, or have class on the couch surrounded by a zoo of stuffed animals, dolls or race cars if that is what works for your child!
The info-graphic below is an example of the types of learners we may encounter in our family. Do you recognize any of these learning styles in your children?

                                                                     Source: thehappyhousewife.com via Leslie on Pinterest


  1. This is so very important to know. You can only teach your child the best, if you know how they learn. As a mother of 4, all my children are sooo different and teaching needs to be tailored for each. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very good points! I've homeschooled and it's amazing how different they are.


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