Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oh The Amazing Places to Dream Upon~

Oh to dream of far away romantic places with crystal blue water that you can see the amazing floor of the sea and all of life's creatures that live below. That is a dream vacation to me, but wait there are so many more places in this huge world to see too! Or maybe just to study about, a geography lesson with my kiddos and learn where these cool places are? Sharing them with my kids might just be a dream come true too
Where do you want do go? Imagine your bucket list vacation spot, where would that be? Leave a comment and tell me.
                                                           Source: themetapicture.com via Leslie on Pinterest


  1. All amazing! I'm right there with you in wanting to visit!
    I'd have to say my first choice would be Bora Bora - that looks sooo peaceful!

  2. I LOVE the water and my dream vacation would be staying in a secluded place ON the water. I would want it to be during the cooler months, though, because I hate the tropical heat! :)
    Gorgeous pics!


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