Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Great Catsby Event~ Join Me

Got Kitty Cats? Come on and join us! Some Awesome Prizes! 
We are still taking sign-ups for this giveaway! Add a prize and join for free or pay 2 for 2 links!! 

Prizes are over $500 and more keep being added!

This is going to be a HUGE giveaway!!! Bloggers can sign-up either by paying $2 for two links or by offering a prize to be included in the giveaway! This can be anything that has to do with cats!!! This is going to be THE event for cat lovers everywhere!! The Giveaway will be open to the US only.
You are asked to please share this giveaway around and get your friends in on this great giveaway! You will also be asked to post a teaser about the giveaway. There will be some information given to you for ideas for a teaser post! Everything will be posted in this group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/300319993390222/ so please send a request to join.
So far the prizes include, but are not limited to:
World’s Best Cat Litter RV $9.99
Litter Robot RV $360
Soft Claws kitty claw covers RV $18.95
2 Cat Toys from Ace Furniture RV $25
1 Cat Bed from Ace Furniture RV $12.99
Newmans Organic Cat Stuff
Mr. Chewy $25 Credit
Cat Collar from Whitney
Double Cat Feeder Bowl and Silicon Mat from the Martha Stewart Pets Collection
$25 for Tails to Scales PetSupply
$25 to KV Vet Supply
Toys from Zainies
1 Bag Vita Catnip, 2 Pawbreakers
The Giveaway will run from September 1st-15th.


  1. I love, love, love kitty's but my husband doesn't :( He keeps telling me he's allergic to them but I think it's just an excuse. I'll get my way eventually.

    Thanks for stopping by A Little Unhinged and commenting. Make sure you get an entry in on my raffle for a free 30 day ad spot. Raffle ends 8/31/12.


    Gwen @ www.alittleunhinged.com

  2. Oh Gwen, my hubby is the same way, he is a dog man, but he has had to get used to the cats since they came with the "package"...lol , Thank you for stopping by! I enjoyed A Little Unhinged and will be back by your spot to enter. Leslie~~


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