Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why do you stay home?

As a homeschooling mom I am asked by many well meaning individuals "why do you keep your kids at home?" "don't they need the contact of other children in regular school"? Honestly I want to look at those people and tell them to mind their own business, but that would be rather rude. So I just tell them that it works well for our family and if something is working just fine there is no reason to change it.

Here are my top reasons for homeschooling my children:

  • When God tells you to do something you Do It!
  • Prayerfully sought out answer
  • We tried traditional school and did not like it at all (for our kids that is)
  • Due to family illness, we were able to spend more time with my father as he was dying with cancer.
  • We get to go visit grandma when we want to and not just on school breaks
  • I know what they are learning!
  • Can teach biblical principles and apply to our lives
  • We have prayer in school
  • We sleep late, mom works as a nurse and does odd shifts
  • Field trips can be as simple as a drive to the grocery store to learn
  • We learn 24/7 365 days a year no matter the weather
  • We school all year round so we can take more breaks
  • We can take a day off for fun if we want to.....anytime!
  • Healthy options for meals and cook at home
  • Kids are less affected by external distractions
  • No meds needed anymore for ADD
  • I have learned all of their learning styles and work around them.
  • Done with work in way less time
  • Can school anywhere in the house, even snuggled up on the couch or bed.
  • Bring your pets to school everyday :)
  • Show and tell everyday
  • Cooking dinner can become a math lesson very easily
  • Our home repairs and renovations become lessons easily
  • Tv can be tailored into science and history learning
  • I have an addiction for school supplies
  • I love books
  • Teaching my kids is an honor
  • My husband gets to help and teach too.
  • We all learn new things daily
  • We get to learn and eat our work ie counting M & M's
  • No bullies!
  • No dress codes or expensive uniforms
  • No wasting time, lining up, waiting on other kids that don't behave, lunch lines,etc
  • They are living in the real world, dealing with real life problems that happen in our household everyday. Critical thinking skills and problem solving daily.
  • My teen and I have had some really deep discussions about life,love and the world,that we may not have had if he was at school all day long.
  • Many many more,I could go on and on!
So if homeschooling works for your family, Just Do It! If not that's ok. As long as your children are happy,healthy and learning that is all that matters, right?



  1. All great reasons =) I hope to homeschool my daughter in the future for some reasons similar to yours.

  2. Thank you Trisha, your daughter is a cutie and I will you well in your journey.

  3. This is a GREAT blog post :-)
    Us home schoolers ROCK!


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