Saturday, September 27, 2008

Catawba Wildlife Club: National Hunting/Fishing Day 2008

Today was National Hunting and fishing day at Catawba Wildlife Club,
of which our homeschool warden (daddy-ha ha) is a member of.
So off we went for a day of learning shooting sports skills and safety
when around firearms. Part of homeschooling also includes life skills
that our children will carry throughout their lives. Our house is a house
of gun ownership and respect for any weapon is taught early on. We
as parents are active with prevention of injury education in children
inside and outside our house. I teach gun safety to kids of all ages, as
an ER nurse for 20+ yrs I have seen first hand what guns can do in
the hands of someone who makes a poor choice. Today I vowed to
learn more about the actual shooting side of gun safety. I can talk all
day about being safe, but to actually shoot a gun myself has been a
fear of mine. I grew up with guns, my daddy hunted and we always
had guns in the house, I knew to respect them. But as an adult I have
never had to desire to shoot anything. My husband on the other hand
is a "gun freak" he lives for shooting/hunting/anything to do with a
weapon. He has his concealed permit, has an small arsenal locked up
in our house that includes a custom built cedar chest that is layered
with bullets in alphabetical order and he also reloads his own ammo.
So as the phrase goes " as in Rome, do as the Romans do"....................
or "if you can't beat them join them" I guess I will have to join
them. Do you think I can get him to scrapbook?? NOT!!
No, I don't want a rifle for my birthday!!!

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