Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An old fart update- good news

Yes my daddy is an old fart, that is what I have laughingly called him
for several years now. Today's procedure went well, mom called me
while I was at work tonight in the busy ER, taking care of the patients that
Broughton Hospital did not seem to want to accept and a few I wanted to
send there. Daddy's procedure was done within an hour , the doctor was
very skilled and also very good looking per my mother, he also went to
Duke. So daddy was happy that his doctor was a "Duke man" also.
Might have been better I guess if he was a "tarheel" but I guess we will
have to settle with the good looks :)
I wanted to blog as soon as I got home this early am because I know
several readers wanted an update. The chemoembolization hopefully will do
something to those liver tumors. If daddy behaves tonight, he may get to go
home today or tommorrow, just keep him and mom in your prayers,
God is good.......all of the time.


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