Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trip to the big house 9/25

Above slide show is a few pictures of our trip to the Biltmore house
in Asheville, NC. for the fall homeschool festival. Our family and
another homeschooling family visited the estate on Thursday.
I was most impressed that they took time for all of the
homeschool families. The staff were most helpful and
answered dozens of questions about the house ,gardens,
winery, farm and grounds. My youngest was fascinated by
the history of the house and the people that lived there, she
is only 4, I could not believe some of the questions she asked,
and wanted to see inside Mrs Vanderbilt's vanity to see her
makeup. A very nice staff person accommodated her and let
her see inside the furniture that was hundreds of years old, they
did not have to do that. Then out the window
we saw a young bride getting her pictures made for an upcoming
wedding on the Biltmore grounds. S. was sure that was a princess
that lived in the castle. We had to follow her outside to the garden
area after we were done climbing all those stairs inside the house.
We plan to return to Biltmore for Christmas and see the wonderful
decorations. I plan on doing a little unit study and
lapbooking/notebooking about the estate and family, they gave us
wonderful workbooks that are
age specific for each child, even our teen. Check out their website
if you want to know more or visit http://www.biltmore.com/ ,
a wonderful vacation trip for your entire family.

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