Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The "Invasion of the basement"

As I promised in my last post , here is the saga of our "invasion of the basement". Our house is 2 levels, one level being a basement( about 1700 sq foot I might add) that is totally under the ground. We are in process of remodeling the partially finished mess that we purchased a few yrs ago. 2 of the kids had bedrooms down there until about a week ago. Our teen is now the only one who resides down there. When all the remodeling is done all 3 kids will have finished rooms and a large bathroom, TV/game room and my office /workroom space.
A couple of weeks ago I began seeing dead "bees" only in L's room. They were small yellow jackets that seemed to fall out of the ceiling onto her bed. Why???( the only child I have that is mortified of any bug she see's, had dead bugs on her bed. I had to tell my hubby and see if he could solve our mystery. He quickly found the problem the next day when the sun was up. He saw hundreds of "yellow jackets" swarming out behind our house. They seemed to be going up under the vinyl siding, ???? where you ask..........................into the basement ceiling rafters :)
Usually the cure for any yellow jacket nest in our yard would be to pour gasoline on them and light it, but this was our house!!! That Sat. evening after I got home from working a busy 12 hr shift in the ER, we crept down to the basement with many cans of spray, flashlights and ladder.

My doodle head husband proceeded to pull down all the ceiling tiles and take out insulation so he could locate the problem makers. Suddenly POW, he was stung by 6 yellow jackets, in the back of the head. He shouted in his deep voice.....MOVE NOW!!! And me and my fluffy self.... Moved fast!! He didn't have to tell me twice to get out of his way so I would not get stung also. He soaked the nest with spray that he uses at work for " creepy critters" and it killed them all. We went back later and took out the entire nest of invaders. I took pictures of course and we placed the nest into a plastic jar to use as a homeschool project, crazy huh!! I tell you that nest was a work of art, intricate little combs and amazing outside shell. God is at work in even the smallest creatures. Thank goodness no body else got stung. Here are some of the pictures I took.

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