Friday, September 19, 2008

Update - chemoembolization

Chemoembolization, now that's a spelling word for ya. That's the word for the procedure that my daddy is having on Monday. Things moved sorta fast when his oncologist suggested something else besides chemo. My mom called today after they had visited the "advanced radiology" office and talked to the nurse who did his pre-procedure stuff. The nurse was named "Star" and my father seemed to find this amusing and had the nurse laughing thru the entire process, per my mother. Follow the Star Daddy!!! You old fart!! I'm not sure where I got my sense of humor.
The procedure on Monday (at Lexington Medical Center in SC) involves the passing of a cath thru his groin , up into his liver (portal circulation?) , then they stop the blood supply to the 3 tumors and insert some chemo "pellets or seeds" directly into the tumors. He will have to be still for 5+ hrs post-procedure and spend a couple of days in the hospital. He may have a
lot of pain and nausea, so no candy or Pringles chips Papaw!! Apparently they have had much success with this procedure , I am not sure why it was not offered before now. My dad has had liver tumors for 4 years now.
Pray for our Pawpaw at around 1pm on Monday Sept 22. I will try to post an update later that day or the next.

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