Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a beautiful day!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood and at the Blockhouse. We are starting our new school year today, even though we school all year long. Homeschooling is a 24/7 .......365 days a yr kind of thing, learning is always occuring, whether I am cooking supper,cleaning house or doing the laundry, the kids learn "lifeskills" that hopefully they can take with them one day when they have their own household to keep. Yesterday,Labor Day, we labored all day long. The girls and I worked to clean up messes they had made over the weekend while I was at work. And we moved L. and S. into the same bedroom upstairs so we could do more work remodeling our basement.

Stay tuned for pictures of what we found up in the ceiling tiles down there..........Yikes!!

Clif and K. were busy most of the day taking down and moving our huge weight center thing out to the garage so I can finish our schoolroom. I am working hard to move all of our homeschool "stuff" into the sunroom so I can keep track of it and S. can have a "kindergarten" classroom of her own. My dining room table is covered in all of her little projects...moonsand, paper cutting ,glue, stickers, plastic cups, Barbies, Little Pony's and assorted babydoll clothing. Not to mention the floor is covered in all of the left over "moon sand". My kitchen now has another "kitchen of its own" and a table with babydolls sitting all around ready for their "tea". I am slowing being taken over by "johnsie's", that is what she calls her baby dolls in addition to other pet names she makes up. The girl has a vivid imagination, if I can only harness the energy and turn it into learning to read now.

Here are a few pictures of S. the 4 yr old diva, we were at Carowinds over the summer and she was always posing for the camera.
Have a great and blessed day in God's wonderful world

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